Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest Party

I can't even express how excited I am.
I am hosting a Pinterest Party soon.

A real live Sleepover Pinterest Party
It is going to be crazy.

Here is the motto for the party.
I pinned on Pinterest of course

Each guest is bringing either the finished recipe or ingredients to cook something they have pinned.

We each have projects we are planning on doing/making. 
Some are simple, some are more complex. 

One guest is going to build a console table.
Most others involve paint. 
Which is a good thing because I know or least I think I know a little about painting. 

Here are some inspiration pieces I pinned that I am planning on reproducing with my own touch.

I wanted to do numbers but when I asked my son (for whose room it is going) what numbers he would want he said "RB" knowing those aren't numbers he giggled.  They are however, his initials so I will be doing, "RB in army letters and all scratched up like it is old"  his words.  I love that boy.

If I have time I am also going to do one for my youngest son. 
 He wants his orange with a big power T for the TN VOLS. 

I am also going to try this Hairdo!

So wish us happy crafting and pray for good weather, otherwise we won't be getting much painting done. 

I would love to hear about your latest crafting party...What you haven't had one?? 
Well, now is the time my friend. 

 All pins shown are on my board "pinterest party" !

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  1. soo wish I could be there - you girls are going to have a blast!!!