Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

This is what I made for my Mother in Law.

It was very easy.
I just took the pictures and emailed them to the computer.  Now that I think of it I probably could have printed them straight from my phone.  Anyway, I printed them out in the size I wanted.  These are 5x7.

Next, I just placed the print out on a piece of black card stock (didn't tape or anything) and just cut out the outline with an exacto knife. Then glued the cut out to a piece of white card stock and framed. 

This is so easy anyone could do it.

Here is our Christmas mantel from last year where I used a silhouette that I made in the "old-fashioned way" about nine years ago when my oldest was three.  Back then, I used a bright light and a bribe with candy if he would sit still while I traced his shadow. 

I will be doing this project again soon.  Especially now that it is so much easier using technology.  Ha!
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