Friday, May 18, 2012

Master Sitting/Seating area

So, I "finished" this piece for our office/media/sitting area just off our master bedroom.  It is very heavy so once we put it in the space and I realized I didn't love the finish I wasn't very pleased with my work.  I didn't know what else it needed to make me love it.  So, it just sat there while we sat there in our seating/sitting area.  Ha!

Here is where we started...a white kitchen table.  It used to be, and is now again, with its twin in my craft room.  I like it much better in there. 

My husband needed an upgrade from an old, very slow and on it's last leg, laptop.  He chose the iMac and he loves it.  But, this meant we also wanted an upgraded desk.  Preferably, something that would also house the TV.  So we began to look and draw plans and figure out a way to keep it all within reason (budget).

Then I found this

It was my husbands first trip to the Re-Store...I knew I wanted it the second I rounded the corner and saw it sitting there.  He, on the other hand, was not convinced.  He could only see it there in its sad state.  Over the years he has learned to trust me and the next day...after he was shown a few Million pins on Pinterest, we went back to get it.  I was so worried it wouldn't be there, but it was.

I also found a wooden file cabinet the perfect height at the Salvation army. We bought some wood for the desk top and some trim

I took out the top two drawers of the dresser and put a shelf in their place.  I Finished off the edges with trim, that I also found at the restore.  I added the legs.

I also added some flat peices of wood to the front of the drawers on the small cabinet so that I could use the extra hardware left over from the dresser drawers. 

I put it all together and painted it.  Leaving it unattached so it could be moved.

We had my sister and her family over for dinner, so her husband could help mine carry it upstairs.
And there it sat.

 UNTIL yesterday. 
 I finally just got over it and tried some anitiquing glaze on it.  It actually gave it the life it needed.  So, then I finished it off with some paste wax and a buffer.  And now I love it!!!


I don't know why I didn't try the glaze before...

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  1. I really like the glaze as well! You did a great job!!

  2. that dresser is awesome! i love the gold against the gray! fabulous!

  3. That dresser is AMAZING! So jealous and the refinish looks awesome!

  4. Way to pull things together and make them look absolutely if it had always been that way!

  5. This looks great! I love the color, the hardware, everything!