Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kitchen Island Wanna Be

I had the crazy idea that I wanted
to build/remake a kitchen island. 

I searched and searched for a good candidate.
I was excited to find this student desk on craigslist. 

 I measured and checked the listing measurements etc. 
Everything SEEMED right!

Knowing that I was planning on adding a base and casters, I didn't think much of the fact that it looked really small when we went to pick it up.
The listed measurements were correct.
I just wasn't visualizing correctly.

This was my first time re-working furniture.
Many times, I kept wondering, why it was I wanted to try this.

Since this project, I have finished my
Desk and TV Stand in our Master bedroom. and it turned out great!

So for this guy, I added, well, all the new wood. 
I added a base, that should NEVER see the light of day.
Thank goodness for trim.  Ha!
I found the trim at the Re-Store.

I added a shelf in the middle.

It is truly amazing, the POWER OF PAINT!! 
Since there was both old, stained wood and lots of new wood, I used a dark primer. 
I wanted it to all show through dark after distressing/sanding it. 

So, as you can tell the AFTER pictures are NOT in my Kitchen.

After all my hours of hard work, I was excited to bring my little island inside. 
Only to realize it was way too small in our kitchen. 

I had planned on adding a butcher block top to it
and have it hang off one side and form a "bar". 
Even though we have a breakfast nook, the boys like to eat breakfast in the kitchen.

So, luckily I had been looking for a piece to go on this wall in our living room.
It turned out to be "perfect" there.
I took the casters off and added legs.
It is hard to tell its size in these pictures but in the one above you can
see the light switch, so that gives a reference point.  

I was planning on painting a piece orange for that spot, but for now, green will do. 

So, I am happy that my mistake worked out ok in the end.

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