Monday, May 14, 2012

I have been holding on to these tables for over a year now. 
Trying to decide if I wanted to keep them for myself or sell them.  Well, today I decided to finish them and posted them on Craigslist.

I primed them. Then waited for a little while. 
About 6 months.

Then I painted them a mis-tinted blue I picked up from Lowe's.   "Just right" blue if you ask me.

 Then, I waited another couple of months and today, I distressed them lightly to show some of the white and wood underneath. Lastly, I finished them with Minwax Paste Wax to give a nice smooth feel.

 I just wish I had room for them.  But since I don't, maybe you do.

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  1. they are so cute- love their little feet!

  2. Why do you live so far away?! I LOVE these!

  3. Sorry Heather, I would say I could ship them but they are very heavy.