Saturday, March 12, 2011

Redneck Neighbors

Since my blog is starting to remind me of those redneck neighbors who leave their Christmas lights on the house all year long, I decided I need to update it. 

We sold our house and are now looking for our new home.  God has blessed us and we are very excited about the future.

I am just going to post some pictures I have had in my idea file for a while now.  I am sure you have seen most of them before.  They are almost all from  There may be some from other pages but I have had them so long I can't remember...if you know please let me know.
Love the tins! Target has them in their $1 section.

Thinking about black cabnets.
Loving bamboo blinds

This is one of my favorite it all!!

There, now my blog is updated and everyday when I come to read the blogs that inpsire me, I don't have to look at my Christmas post. 

Looking forward to posting about our move and making the new house our own!!  Until then, happy blogging!
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