Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Napkins and Freezer Paper!

Recently, I found a set of 6 cloth napkins for $1.99 I could not pass these up.  I bought two packs. 

Then a blogger friend, Julie posted how to use freezer paper for a stencil.  I just had to try it.  The napkins would be the perfect thing to experiment with.

I followed her instructions and since she has already taken the time to write them out, I will let you go to her page to read how to create your own design.

I did use fabric paint since my napkins would need to be know just from time to time...instead of craft paint.

I traced the letters onto the freezer paper then cut them out with scissors, because, I did not have an exacto knife.  Sometimes you just gotta go with what you have on hand.

At first, I was stumped on how  to make it work for letters like "B" that have circles in the middle. Once cut out, the circles would not be attached. 

It worked just fine to iron them in place separately. 

Then just use a pin to lift up the center once the paint is dry.

I used them in my Mother-in-laws dining room

Believe me, I will be doing this again!!  So easy and fun!! 

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