Monday, September 13, 2010

How I put it all together. Autumn Dining Room

Like I said in the first post, it is a very simple design. 
Not elaborate, which makes it that much easier to achieve. 

First, I used a few yards of burlap.  I didn't trim the edges, I just folded it in half to get my desired width.  As you may know, if you trim it, it will create a big mess and shed all season long. 

Then I just placed the chargers around the table.


Next, I started to put the centerpiece together.  Any Professional Florists, just go ahead and click another link NOW.  I am sure the way I put this together is going to drive you insane.
BUT it works for me!!

First, I found a box that fit in the container and punched holes in the bottom of it.

I used duck tape to keep it together.
Then, I added some flowers as a "base".  This cracks me up just actually writing about it.

Then I stuffed a garland of leaves around the box.

From there I added the "main attraction" flowers, aka the expensive ones, and some more accent stems of berries and twigs.

I really like the long twigs.  I placed them mostly on the sides to help extend the arrangement down the lenght of the table.  Also, so they wouldn't poke someone in the eye.  Ha!  I think it turned out great!

Then for the napkin rings, I just used twine. 

I folded about 18" of twine in half and brought the loop underneath the napkin to one side.

Then tucked the loose ends into the loop and also pulled them up and over through the loop again.

When you pull the loose ends tight, in makes the loop twist.  Kinda like this.

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