Saturday, September 4, 2010

Frilly Frame Things

Here are a few items that I noticed a few weeks ago at a local thrift shop. I am sure many of my fellow thrifters out there have seen similar things from time to time.

I knew they had great potential.  Since I didn’t know where I would use them at the moment, I left them for someone else to discover. Kind of like a “catch and release” that bass fishermen use. Yeah, my husband is an avid fisherman. 

I kept thinking about them sitting in that shop wanting me to give them the look that they had been waiting for.

I didn’t have any other projects going at that time, so, I thought I would check to see if they had been discovered and if not I would bring them home.

As you can assume they were still waiting a couple days later…ok… one day later.

Without even the proper cleaning, I spray painted them with Krylon made for plastic.

I really have no idea if I will have a place for them in our new home, but I will let you know if I do.
I can see them, not as the focal point of a frame collage but as accents to a larger piece. Or, even accent trim on a future furniture redo. We’ll see.

I have been following Miss Mustard Seed for a while and dreaming of opening a shop or renting a booth one weekend or two a year like she has succesfully done.  These little beauties may show up there as well. 

They are about 12" tall and as you can see there are six of them.  Where would you use them? Or even, where have you used something like this before? 


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